About The Summit

Effective principal supervision and support has become increasingly important over the past decade. Research demonstrates that effective school leaders have almost the same impact on student success as effective teachers. We know that principals do not get better all by themselves. A very large part of principal growth and development is the direct result of working with a skilled principal supervisor who strategically balances coaching and supervision. In addition, research asserts, the principal supervisor plays a critical role in ensuring that the central office is both informed and positioned to address the daily needs of schools.

Summit Priorities

-Learn current research, industry standards, and effective practices
-Lean on principal supervisors from around the county in a community of practice
-Love and develop a strong, supportive network

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring Principal Supervisors
  • Current Principal Supervisors
  • Chiefs of Schools
  • Chief Academic Officers
  • Chief of Human Resources
  • Deputy Superintendents
  • Superintendents
  • Leaders Developing Leaders Summit focuses on the growth and development of the Principal Supervisor role and building a system of support for Principals

    Facilitators and Panelists

    Harrison Peters
    Lead Facilitator & Panelist

    Co-Founder and CEO, MCEL

    Steven Gering
    Lead Facilitator & Panelist

    Co-Founder, MCEL

    Tracy Breslin
    Lead Facilitator

    Founder, ACE Advisors

    Anna Stubblefield
    Host & Panelist

    Superintendent, Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

    James Boyd
    Session Facilitator

    Superintendent, KIPP: Delta, AK

    Andrew "Andy" Cole
    Session Facilitator

    Consultant, The Wallace Foundation

    Melissa Comine
    Panelist & Facilitator

    Chief of Schools - Secondary, Council Bluffs Community School District, IA

    Howard Hepburn
    Panelist & Facilitator

    Instructional Superintendent, School District of Palm Beach County, FL

    Marcos Murillo

    Middle School Regional Superintendent, Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL

    Patricia Royal
    Panelist & Facilitator

    Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Schools, Providence Public School Department, RI

    Mark Schuldt
    Session Facilitator

    Chief of Schools - Elementary, Council Bluffs Community School District, IA

    Julie Severns

    Administrator of Leadership Development, Fresno Unified School District, CA